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Policies for Freight Forwarders


CargoKey Profile Page
Your CargoKey Profile page may not contain any links to other websites.

Choice Quotes
A quote which allows clients to choose from a selection of shipping methods is called a Choice Quote. These are not allowed and will be ended by CargoKey.

Circumventing CargoKey's Fees
Using systems or ploys to circumvent, reduce or avoid CargoKey's fees are prohibited.

HTML Javascript
CargoKey does not allow certain types of HTML or JavaScript functions in requests for quotes, quotes, member content or CargoKey Profiles.

International Transactions
Where an international transaction takes place on CargoKey, the laws of both countries (the shipping service provider and the client) must be adhered to.

Links from Quotes
Links are not allowed to be included in quotes.

Non-Performance by Freight Forwarders
When a seller lists on CargoKey, and a buyer bids for and wins an item, the buyer and seller have entered into a legally binding contract.

Payment Surcharges
An additional fee may not be charged for the use of ordinary forms of payment, including acceptance of cheques, money orders, electronic transfers, credit cards or cash deposit fees.

Prohibited and Restricted Shipments Policy
It is important that the shipping service provider is certain that the shipping of certain types of items is not prohibited or restricted by international law, the law of either the origin or destination country or state or CargoKey policy.

Shipping Method Categorization
Quotes and quote data must always be listed in the correct shipping method category. It is against CargoKey's policy to list a quote for Seafreight as an Airfreight listing, and then state in the description that it is a quote for seafreight.

Shipping Outside of CargoKey
Accepting shipping quotes already listed on CargoKey outside of the site is not permitted. This type of activity constitutes a potential fraud risk to both parties and circumvents CargoKey’s fees.

Taxation Policy
Freight Forwarders agree to comply with all laws regarding taxation, whether domestic or international when using the CargoKey site.