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Policies for Shipping Clients


Cancellation of Accepted Quotes
Except under special circumstances, an accepted quote can not be cancelled and is a binding contract.

Interfering with a Shipping Transaction
Interfering with shipping transactions on CargoKey is not permitted.

Policy regarding Non-Payment
All users enter into a legally binding agreement when they accept an Instant Quote from the calculator or a quote provided in response to their request for a shipping quote. Clients are required to pay the full price for the accepted quotes.

Shipping Outside of CargoKey
Accepting shipping quotes already listed on CargoKey outside of the site is not permitted. This type of activity constitutes a potential fraud risk to both parties and circumvents CargoKey’s fees.

Unwelcome Quote Acceptance
Clients who do not meet the Freight Forwarder's terms of shippng are not permitted to accept thier quotes.