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More about Identity Verification


To help clients and Freight Forwarders trust each other, our verification process cross checks information provided with consumer and business databases. An icon is displayed next to the username of any user whose identity has been verified.
Advantages of Verifying your Identity
  • All Freight Forwarders need to be verified
  • When accepting quotes you can provide proof of identity without providing credit card details
  • You can accept quotes with a value of over 20 000. A small fee of 5.00 is charged to your account for the verification process.
To verify your ID you must:
  • Have an identity document for any one of the areas in which we operate
  • Own property or have a signed lease for any one of the areas in which we operate
  • Provide your domicilium citandi (home address) and not your work address
  • Provide us with information such as your name and place of birth.
All this information is cross-checked against consumer and business databases for consistency. Once your ID is verified, an ID Verify Icon will appear next to your username. Every time you wish to change your contact information, your identity needs to be verified again. Once you have made a change to your contact information, you need to complete the verification process again. Each time a charge of 5.00 is charged. Different databases are used to verify identity in different countries.