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Shipping Outside of CargoKey
Shipping outside of CargoKey is not permitted when the client and Freight Forwarder were introduced through CargoKey. Shipping outside of CargoKey in these circumstances constitutes a potential fraud risk to both parties and circumvents CargoKey’s fees.

Users may not use contact information obtained from CargoKey or use our communications system to offer to ship outside of CargoKey. Freight Forwarders may not cancel a transaction to provide shipping services to a client where CargoKey was the effective cause of the client’s knowledge of the Freight Forwarder.

Potential Fraud Risk of Offers to Ship Outside of CargoKey

Although other offers to ship off-site may or may not be made with the intent to defraud, there is always a significant level of risk involved. Please be aware that shipment conducted off-site is not eligible for CargoKey services, including feedback, and contact information requests.

Reporting Offers to Ship Outside of CargoKey

To report any off-site offers, contact CargoKey with the quote number that the offer refers to, the username or email address of the member you are reporting, and a copy of the email with the full headers attached.

If you have received an unsolicited email offer to purchase an item that is not related to a specific item number, see our Policy regarding Spam for information on how to report the offer.
Why does CargoKey have this policy?

Offers to ship outside of CargoKey are a potential fraud risk for both clients and Shipping Service Providers. These offers also undermine the trust and legitimacy of CargoKey's shipping marketplace and are not protected by CargoKey protection programs. Additionally, these offers circumvent CargoKey's fees, which creates an unlevel playing field for Shipping Service Providers who do not circumvent CargoKey fees.