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Policy Regarding Spam


Spam is email that is both unsolicited and commercial in nature. Spam is not permitted on CargoKey.

Examples include:

Email sent to a user from a mailing list without their expressed permission

Unsolicited email to a potential client for quotes that are the same or similar to quotes that the user has accepted in the past


An invitation to join a mailing listUsing the “Contact User” or "Ask the Freight Forwarder a Question" links on the sites to send unsolicited commercial offers


Additional Information

Email offers to quote outside of the CargoKey site are not permitted. Offers of this nature circumvent CargoKey's fee structure and are a potential fraud risk for both clients and Freight Forwarders.
Email & Websites Impersonating CargoKey
Some members have reported receiving requests for personal information in email messages that are made to appear that they were sent from CargoKey. More information on these messages, as well as how they can be reported, can be found on the Recognizing and Reporting Spoof (Fake) Email and Websites pages.

Minimizing Unwelcome Email

CargoKey is concerned about your privacy. As outlined in our Privacy Policy, we do not sell or disclose your information for marketing purposes. Email addresses are only disclosed to members involved in an CargoKey transaction. CargoKey will investigate and take action on reports of misuse of Contact of a CargoKey Member. In addition to the efforts taken by CargoKey to protect your privacy, there are several steps you can take to minimize the unwanted email you receive.

What is not Covered

Please be aware that CargoKey's spam policy applies only to unsolicited commercial messages sent by CargoKey members. If you are receiving surveys, promotional messages or other email from CargoKey that you feel you should not be receiving, please refer to Setting Preferences on My CargoKey for information on how to change the types of email you receive from CargoKey.

Email messages that are not commercial in nature, including offensive or unwelcome email, do not fall under the CargoKey spam policy. Instant messages and other forms of communication conducted outside of CargoKey are not within our jurisdiction.

Reporting Spam

If you have received spam from another CargoKey member, please report it. In order to investigate a spam report, we must have a complete copy of the email you received with the full header included. To report spam follow the Contact links provided at the top of all CargoKey pages.
Why does CargoKey have this policy?

CargoKey understands that members are concerned about personal privacy. For this reason, CargoKey policy does not permit members to send spam.