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Intellectual Property
Linking to CargoKey from your Website

You are permitted to drive users to your CargoKey quotes from your own website.

Framing the CargoKey site

Altering the way in which our web pages are viewed is not permitted. ‘Framing’ means causing other content to appear above or around the CargoKey site.

CargoKey Domain Names

CargoKey have registered exclusive trademark rights in the name in many countries internationally. The use or sale of a domain name containing the CargoKey names constitutes a trademark infringement. It is not permissible to own or trade a domain name which contains trademarks owned by another person or company.

CargoKey Logos and Screenshots

Should you wish to acquire permission to use our logo or screenshots, you require written permission. Please contact us with details of your request for permission to use any logos or screenshots from a CargoKey site.

Whilst it is permissible for you to refer to CargoKey in a descriptive way on your website or in print advertising, you may not refer to CargoKey in any way that suggests that affiliated with or sponsored by CargoKey.