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Feedback System Abuse
CargoKey Feedback is our way of ensuring that users of CargoKey abide by our policies and that a safe shipping environment is created in which all users can ship with confidence. Feedback abuse is not permitted on CargoKey and CargoKey will remove feedback that is regarded as feedback abuse as outlined in detail below.

CargoKey users should note the following when leaving feedback for other users:
  • CargoKey does not censor or investigate feedback left by users for accuracy and is therefore not legally responsible for comments that its users post, even if those comments are defamatory. Most countries laws and international law does however not protect the person that made the remark or left the comment. Users could therefore be held legally responsible for damages to a person’s reputation if a court were to find that the feedback posted constituted libel or defamation.
  • Once posted feedback is permanent and becomes part of the user’s identity on CargoKey. It can be accessed and viewed by all CargoKey users.
  • Good judgment should be used at all times when leaving feedback.
Users agree to our policies in the user agreement and violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including but not limited to:
  • Cancellation of Quotes accepted
  • Forfeiture of fees on cancelled quotes
  • Account suspension
  • Limitations being imposed on your account