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This is where you’ll find all the information you need about the rules of the CargoKey shipping marketplace and guidelines for trading safely. These guidelines are put in place to create the online environment required for safe shipping, and to build current and future users’ confidence levels in shipping through our marketplace. It all starts with …
Accepted Payments Policy
CargoKey’s payments policy is an integral part of creating the secure trading environment that it promotes. CargoKey does not insist on payment methods; however it may choose to do so in the future. CargoKey does however strongly encourage sellers to only accept certain forms of payment.

General Policies
These policies apply to all users of CargoKey, and should be understood and adhered to to ensure that CargoKey remains a safe place to ship.

Identity Verification
We treat a user’s identity with great respect. We also expect users to treat identity with great respect.

Policies for Freight Forwarders
Our rules and policies are in place to make the CargoKey shipping marketplace a safe place to ship.

Policies for Shipping Clients
To ensure that shipping on CargoKey is safe and hassle free, certain functions are not permitted by Clients on CargoKey

Privacy Policy Overview
We obviously collect bits of personal information from you in the process of you becoming a user, and trading on the site. This policy explains how we handle your personal information.

Prohibited Shipments Policy
It is important that the Freight Forwarder is certain that the shipping of certain types of items is not prohibited or restricted by international law, the law of either the origin or destination country or state or CargoKey policy.

User Agreement Overview
This agreement consists of terms and conditions that need to be agreed to by every user of CargoKey.