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My CargoKey


Feedback and My CargoKey
CargoKey members use the feedback to rate their shipping and service providing experiences with other CargoKey members.

Frequently Asked Questions about My CargoKey
Find answers to common questions about My Cargokey

Glossary of Symbols on My CargoKey
Symbols are used on My CargoKey to help you to see the status of shipments, tracking, messages and feedback at a glance.

Managing Freight Forwarding with My CargoKey
All of your CargoKey Shipping Services can be controlled from your My CargoKey Shipping Services page. Under the Shipping Services section of My CargoKey you can manage shipping rates, shipping schedules, delivery locations, and shipping terms and conditions.

Managing your Account with My CargoKey
You can manage many aspects of your account with CargoKey through My CargoKey. Change your account details or billing details under the Account section of My CargoKey.

Managing your CargoKey Profile
You can set up and manage your CargoKey Profile through My CargoKey.

Managing your Shipments with My CargoKey
You can manage many aspects of your shipping activity from My CargoKey. Under the Shipping section of My CargoKey you can manage Items you have shipped, Your Shipping Activity, and Tracking of your shipments.

Messages on My CargoKey
Setting Preferences on My CargoKey
You can set up certain preferences in My Plusto. Setting up these preferences ensures that Plusto is customized for your browsing experience and email preferences.