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Help for New Users


CargoKey Acronyms
CargoKey and its members use standard acronyms, INCOTERMS and currency abbreviations on the site. Find out what they all mean here.

CargoKey Community
Find out more about the CargoKey Community, CargoKey Announcements and News, How the The CargoKey Community contributes towards information on CargoKey, and how you can send suggestions to CargoKey.

CargoKey Glossary of Terms and Symbols
CargoKey uses terms and symbols on various pages to provide additional information about a shipment, shipping service provider or user or to allow you to see the status of a shipment in My CargoKey. See this section for a full description of all of the symbols used on CargoKey.

CargoKey Registration
Registration is free and simple for users and shipping service providers. Register now, or learn more about registering.

CargoKey's Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use and disclose the information that we collect from you.

Frequently Asked Questions for New Users
These are the most commonly asked questions on for new users on CargoKey - get your quick answers to common questions here.

Getting Help on CargoKey
Find out more about how you can get help on CargoKey quickly and effectively.

Getting Started on CargoKey
If you're a user or shipping service provider and are getting started on CargoKey, follow these easy guidelines, and in no time at all you'll be shipping and providing shipping with confidence.

Hints for New Users
Follow these guidelines and your CargoKey experience is guaranteed to be a good one.

Message from CargoKey's Founders
A short message from CargoKey's founder about the company's vision.

Trust and Safety on CargoKey
CargoKey has introduced various tools to ensure that our trading environment remains safe.