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Frequently Asked Questions for Help


How can I make sure that an email received is from CargoKey?
CargoKey will never request important personal or financial information by email. Protect your account and information by learning more about spoof email and 'phishing'.

How much does it cost to use CargoKey?
Using CargoKey is free for users. CargoKey earns revenue by providing a global shipping marketplace in which shipping service providers can quote for shipment around the world. Plusto earns a fee from shipping service providers dependant on the value of the quotes that get accepted by users.

Once a quote is accepted can the agreement be cancelled?
Generally once a quote is accepted the agreement cannot be cancelled, however there are certain circumstances under which contracts may be cancelled.

What can Freight Forwarders do if they have not received payment yet?
If your client has not paid for the shipment within the time stipulated in your terms of shipping, follow the following procedure.