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Help for Freight Forwarders


About Shipping Internationally
CargoKey is an international shipping marketplace, and by choosing to provide shipping quotes to an international audience you can significantly increase the number of businesses that you reach. CargoKey provides instant quotes for shipping items worldwide by sea (LCL, FCL and Bulk), Air, Road and Rail.

Different ways to Provide Shipping Quotes on CargoKey
Find out more about providing data for our instant cargo calculator and providing quotes when they are requested.

Fees on CargoKey
This is where you will find the information you require regarding CargoKey's fee structure.

Frequently Asked Questions for Freight Forwarders
Find answers to common questions about providing shipping services on CargoKey

Geographic Hierarchy on CargoKey
CargoKey allows you to provide Shipping Cost Data for routes between over 170 000 locations worldwide. Understanding how our calculator geography hierarchy works is important to understanding which Origins and Destinations to select.

Hints for Freight Forwarders
See a summary for successful shipping and for maintaining user satisfaction on CargoKey.

How CargoKey promotes your Shipping Services
Find out more about how CargoKey promotes your shipping services through e-Commerce sites.

How to provide Freight Forwarding Services on CargoKey
Follow these easy steps to provide shipping services on CargoKey.

Payment and Contract Completion
Find out more about selecting your payment preferences, and how to invoice users after they have accepted your quotes.

Preparing to Load your Shipping Data
All you need to know when you are preparing to load your shipping data on CargoKey.

Providing shipping data for the Instant Cargo Calculator
Everything you need to know about providing and managing data for the Instant Cargo Calculator - the best possible way to achieving success on CargoKey.