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Help for Shipping Clients


About the Instant Cargo Calculator
This section explains the logic behind the world's first cargo calculator and how you can get instant quotations for sending shipments by sea (LCL, FCL and Bulk), Air, Road and Rail.

Accepting a Shipping Quote on CargoKey
Learn more about the process of accepting an instant quotation, placing the shipping order and tracking the shipment.

Different ways to get a Quote
Find out how to get an instant quote by using the calculator and how to request quotes from service providers that operate on your desired route.

Frequently asked questions for Shipping Clients
Find answers to common questions asked by Shipping Clients on CargoKey

Getting Started on CargoKey
A step-by-step approach to get you started in our global shipping marketplace. Learn how to register, get shipping quotes, consider different quotes submitted, paying methods and shipment tracking.

You can also find out more about using My Plusto, and how you can connect with other Plusto members.

Hints for Shipping Clients
Make smart, safe shipping decisions on CargoKey by following these tips for Shipping Clients.

Paying for your Shipment
More information about concluding your shipping order. Payment methods, tracking shipments and problems with completing your shipment.

Policies for Shipping Clients
CargoKey's policies are rules and guidelines that help to create a safe, fair and enjoyable shipping environment for Shipping Clients and Freight Forwarders.