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Shipping Problems


Communication on CargoKey
The key to successful shipping on CargoKey is direct communication between users and Freight Forwarders. However, from time to time, misunderstandings do occur.

Contacting other CargoKey Members
Communicating with your shipping partner is an important part of shipping and providing shipping services on CargoKey. Most shipping problems can be prevented, as well as resolved, by communicating directly with the member.

Freight Forwarder Protection
More about how Freight Forwarders can protect themselves when providing services on CargoKey, and what CargoKey does to create a safe shipping environment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Problems
Find answers to common questions about Shipping Problems on CargoKey

How CargoKey can Help
More about CargoKey's role in shipping problems, and how we facilitate dispute resolution.

Shipping Client Protection
Find out more about what you can do to protect yourelf as a client, and what CargoKey does to keep the shipping environment safe.

Shipping outside of CargoKey
Shipments outside of CargoKey are not eligible for CargoKey services, including feedback, contact information requests , the Shipment Not Received Process, and the Unpaid Shipment Process.