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Feedback on CargoKey


Feedback Privileges
Though it happens rarely, there are some circumstances when members can lose Feedback privileges.

Finding a Member's Feedback
Before you accept a shipping quotation, it’s a good idea to check the service provider's Feedback Profile to view their Feedback ratings and comments. Service Providers may also want to view a user's Feedback Profile to see how reliable the user has been in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions about Feedback on CargoKey
Find answers to common questions about receiving feedback and leaving feedback on CargoKey

How Feedback Works on CargoKey
When you understand how the numbers in a member’s Feedback Profile are calculated, it’s easier to evaluate a member’s reputation. You can view a member’s Feedback Profile by clicking the number in parentheses next to their username.

Resolving a Feedback Dispute
To maintain the integrity of the Feedback system, Feedback left for a member generally becomes a permanent part of that member's record. Comments cannot be edited or retracted, and CargoKey will not censor these opinions or investigate comments for accuracy.