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CargoKey Accounts
When you register with CargoKey, you open a CargoKey Account. Use this section to find out more about member accounts, managing your account, paying your CargoKey invoice, Suspended accounts and how to reinstate them.

This section also deals with how members can create content to be posted on CargoKey, and how that content gets managed.

CargoKey Policies
Our policies set out the rules and regulations that govern the CargoKey site. Every member that ships and provides shipping services on CargoKey agrees to abide by these rules, and failing to adhere to them has consequences.

This section is broken down into Policies for Everyone, Policies for Users, Policies for Freight Forwarders, Feedback Policies, your User Agreement and Protecting Intellectual Property on CargoKey.

Feedback on CargoKey
Learn more about how CargoKey uses the feedback system to create added confidence for users and Freight Forwarders, by allowing every member to establish an online reputation.

Find out how to Leave Feedback, about Feedback Symbols, how the Feedback system works, how to respond to feedback, and how feedback disputes can be resolved.

Find Quotes for your Shipments
You will find help here relating to how to find quotes for your shipments on CargoKey:

Get started searching for instant quotes by using the Instant Cargo Calculator or requesting a quotation for a specific shipment. Learn how to place a shipping order, find hints when shipping your Items, and how to manage and track your shipments through My CargoKey.

Frequently Asked Questions for Help
These are the most commonly asked questions on CargoKey - get your quick answers to common questions here.

Help for Freight Forwarders
Use this section to find out everything that you need to know about providing shipping services on CargoKey.

Discover different ways to provide quotes, how to upload, manage and promote your services and what to do when your quotations are accepted by users.

You can also use this section to find out more about CargoKey's fees.

Help for New Users
If you're new to CargoKey, find out how to get started, and how you can take your business to a global market by shipping through CargoKey.

Getting Help on CargoKey, Getting Started on CargoKey, Hints for New Users, Rules and Regulations, The CargoKey Community and Trust and Safety on CargoKey.

Help for Shipping Clients
This section gives provides assistance if you're just getting started, or require detailed information on:

Shipping on CargoKey, Different ways to Ship, Hints for Shipping Clients, Paying for your Shipping or Rules for Shipping Clients.

Member Created Content
CargoKey invites its members to submit their own content to provide interesting information about their industry, the shipping industry, as well as to provide information on upcoming events which the CargoKey community may find interesting.

Find out more about how to submit news and events information, managing your content, finding relevant news and events and how CargoKey manages the news and events information submitted by its members.

My CargoKey
Everything you need to know about My CargoKey, your secure area on CargoKey where you manage your account.

Everything you need to know about giving and receiving feedback, managing shipping, and tracking, managing your CargoKey account, your Profile, and managing the content that you provide on CargoKey.

Online Security
Every CargoKey member should read this section relating to Securing your CargoKey Account, Protecting your Privacy and Minimising Unwelcome Email.

There is also more information on how CargoKey uses Cookies and Web Beacons, and how this relates to your Privacy.

Paying on CargoKey
Use this section to find out more about paying options on CargoKey, Paying with PayPal, receiving shipments, immediate payment and how to contact the Freight Forwarder.

There are numerous options available for payment for goods and services and your Plusto fees. Discover the benefits and downfalls of each option.

Requests for Shipping Quotes
Besides being able to get instant shipping quotes on CargoKey, you can also submit Requests for Shipping Quotes (RFQs), which invite Freight Forwarders that operate on your required route, to submit quotes from which you can choose who you want to do business with.

Find out how to Post a Request for Quote and how Freight Forwarders can Submit Shipping Quotes.

Shipping Problems
CargoKey is a safe place to ship. However shipping problems may arise once in a while, and this section provides more information about what to do in these circumstances.

User Protection, Freight Forwarder Protection, Contacting CargoKey members and How CargoKey can help.