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CargoKey Jobs
Find all the information you need about jobs and the working culture at CargoKey, as well as some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

CargoKey Partners
CargoKey is built on the principle of partnership. Find out more about how you can get involved and how our partners can contact us.

CargoKey Policies
Our policies set out the rules and regulations that govern the CargoKey Shipping marketplace. Every member that uses and provides shipping quotes on CargoKey agrees to abide by these rules, and failing to adhere to them has consequences.

Contacting CargoKey
General enquiries, questions or comments should be directed through the contact forms. Using the contact forms will ensure that your questions are answered and forwarded to the right person within our organization.

Help on CargoKey
CargoKey has an extensive help menu which should allow you to find just about everything about anything that you want to know about our global shipping marketplace. We want your shipping with CargoKey to be a great experience time and time again. We’ll do everything we can to provide you with all the assistance we can when you are using CargoKey.

The CargoKey Foundation
At the outset CargoKey set up a foundation, to benefit various projects. Find out more about the Foundation, how we get involved and how you can contribute by being a Freight Forwarder on CargoKey.

The Company
Find out more about CargoKey Ltd, its directors, and what the media is saying about our international shipping marketplace.

The People
Find out more about the people that are involved in CargoKey. CargoKey's founders, staff and its community of users contribute towards ensuring that Freight Forwarders and Shippers from all over the world can transact safely.